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Blu ray player hookup to tv

blu ray player hookup to tv

display. The Setup menu has the same basic design and navigation as previous oppo players, and this is where you can make a variety of AV adjustments to mate the player to your system. TV, the Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB projector, and the older Samsung UN65HU8550 LED/LCD. However, the flexibility to tweak the settings would prove beneficial when I mated this player with the Epson projector (more on this in the Performance section). None of these boxes supports HDR anyhow, so the inability to pass it was not a concern. And I do mean a variety, as there are lot more options here to tailor both the video and audio output than you'll see in the lower-priced players. The, hookup, moving around to the back of the UDP-203, you'll find two hdmi outputs: The main output is hdmi.0a with hdcp.2 copy protection to send the 4K video signal (and accompanying audio) to your UHD-capable display or AV receiver. Sometimes I fed the video signal directly into the displays; other times, I passed both video and audio through an Onkyo TX-RS900 AV receiver. One final way in which the UDP-203 distinguishes itself is in its build quality. Dolby Vision requires special hardware; it can't just be done through a software update, which means those early players that don't support Dolby Vision can't be upgraded to. For this review, I stuck with digital output through hdmi.

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You can do this in the TV 's Video or Picture setup menu. Thankfully, many of these video and audio options are set to "Auto" out of the box, so the UDP-203 should work nicely with any display, receiver, etc. The company explains the decision like this: "In order to provide a premium user experience with quick start-up times and fast response, the UDP-203 is designed with a purist approach in mind for disc and file playback, and so it does not carry internet video. On the video side, you can set the player 's resolution for Auto (to automatically match your TV ) or Source Direct (to output every disc at its native resolution but there's also a newly added Custom mode, which allows you to designate a resolution. One important setup note: Many UHD TVs require you to enable UHD Deep Color to pass the full bit depth and color space that are possible with an Ultra HD Blu - ray player. The initial power-up took only about 10 seconds, and the first thing that caught my attention was the new user interface. Continue to Page. Currently, the major streaming media players that support HDR are the Roku Ultra and the nvidia Shield. Speaking of control, the player offers both RS-232 and trigger in/out ports, as well as front- and back-panel IR sensors so that, if you must use an IR cable for control purposes, you can hide it around back instead of having it hang clumsily. Second, you could connect a streaming media stick or player directly into the oppo to deliver streaming services in a more integrated fashion. The new remote adds motion-sensitive backlighting, so the buttons automatically illuminate when you pick.

blu ray player hookup to tv