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Sex dating and purity james dobson

sex dating and purity james dobson

than by bluffing. It is never too late to address such issues with an individual who has training and experience in this area and can help you work toward healing. Special free Download, sex, Dating and PurityFighting Against a Permissive Culture. Dobson writes: Let me plead with parents to monitor what your kids are doing on the innocent-looking computer. Playground slang and obscenity, a distorted description of intercourse from the tough kid up the street, or worst of all, a look at some pornographic material on cable TV or the Internet often provides a child's first jarring glimpse of sex.

If you feel squeamish or inhibited about broaching this subject with your child, reflect for a moment about your own attitudes. James Dobsons Family Talk. She has already heard all sorts of things on the playground and needs to hear from more reputable and mature sources.

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By clicking YES below, you are giving us consent to set cookies on your web browser. But your child may not think to ask how the baby got there, and you don't need to broach the subject at that time. Download your copy of this Special Report today! You may not have a detailed knowledge of the intricacies of the menstrual cycle or the developmental stages of puberty, but you're never too old to learn. He has been active in governmental affairs and has advised three.S. Furthermore, youth-group presentations usually begin late in the game (i.e., during the teen years) and rarely involve an on-going dialogue about this subject.

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