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hookup in Pomona

recreation room where we could play ping-pong. The last aeronautical chart depiction which is available of Shepherd Field was on the January 1998 LA Sectional Chart (courtesy of Ron Plante which depicted Shepherd as having a 2,700' paved runway. It was an amphibious 4-place small car powered by a Porsche engine. Lloyd continued, Jack looked to be ready for flight because was wearing his flight jacket, a squashed up baseball hat, and the half-smoked cigar chomped in his teeth. And there have always been people who come along and help those people. The school provided instruction both for the balloon's ground crews their 2-man observation crew. It was also based at Rosemead.

An undated aerial view looking north at Alhambra Airport from The Airport Directory Company's 1938 Airports Directory (courtesy of Jonathan Westerling). Western Air Express (the forerunner of Western Airlines) relocated from Vail Field to Alhambra Airport. A 1948 aerial view depicted the Rosemead Airport as having a single unpaved northeast/southwest runway, with several hangars along the north side of the field. For whatever reason, Ray Pfau wound up cooking/managing the diner, which was signed as the 'Sky Ranch Cafe'. Fletcher selected Bob Downey to be the Experimental Test Pilot. A 1952-53 photo by Ernie Duke of the Goodyear Blimp Enterprise at Rosemead Airport. Several movie firms were located in Monrovia, and parts of 4 movies were filmed at the airport, starting with 1935's The Fighting Pilot. The 1945 Haire Publishing Company Airport Directory (courtesy of Chris Kennedy) described Pomona Airport as a "Class 1" airport, owned managed. I had the same deal with Louie to keep the oil wiped off the bottom of the engines, wash and waxing. It turned out there were 21 holes requiring patches.

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hookup in Pomona