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Printer hookup to laptop

printer hookup to laptop

will be many USB ports for a scanner to go into. We look forward to your response. The data cable lead can be bought online or possibley salvaged from the laptop it came from. It makes it very convenient for the users to use the printer without creating any interference. Then you will need to add the printer to the laptop via the printer and heard in the Windows control panel. Most modern printers are connected to computers using either USB orEtherNet, some connect using WiFi. Yes using air print (ios.2) but depending if your printer is new or old and if can do wifi.

Then, after you have established your network, you will have to install a network printer on to the laptop. Some scanners have bluetooth and you can connect the that way also. If your printer supports wireless USB, then that is the way.

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Or if your printer has its own network interface, connect it adult dating in Huntsville directly to the router and use it (you might have to configure it for your network settings). Then, go to your laptop, click start, control panel, pritners AND faxes, adew printer, and follow the steps to setting up a wireless printer. If the printer has a usb lead then you can stick the usb thing in to the usb port. just instrall your HP Printer drive to wich you going to use laptop then just try to print it will. In cmd window type ping. If the two PC's are networked, you can use the MaxiVista software, which extends your primary PC screen onto one (or more) network available PCs. Depending on the brand and type of laptop and scanner, it varies in difficulty in explaining how you connect them together. When you see the.