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Whirlpool dryer cord hookup

whirlpool dryer cord hookup

wire in its place. Bent the vent carefully so as not to hinder its effectiveness. 23 Determine the vent's length/number of elbows needed. 20 Connect the hooked ends of the remaining wires to the sections on either side of the middle screw. Remove the hold-down screw and the terminal block cover. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. 7, choose either flanged space connectors or ring connectors.

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whirlpool dryer cord hookup

This 3 or 4 prongs cord Whirlpool dryers video will show you how to check replace the 3 or 4 prongs cord Whirlpool dryers properly.
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Whirlpool 4 Prong Electric, dryer, hook-Up Kit contains everything for easy installation, including.
Diameter vent connector,.

25 Prepare the dryer for leveling legs. 5, insert the direct wire cable into the strain relief. Choose your electrical connection type. 22 Install the exhaust hood of the vent. The cut out can be used as a filler to mostly hide the old hole when riveted or screwed to a larger back piece. Shape the wires' ends into hooks, then remove the central silver terminal block screw. They should meet in the center of the terminal. Use auto-body filler to fill any gaps prior to repainting the old hole area. 2, remove the screws from the strain relief (lower section).

whirlpool dryer cord hookup