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Gfci hookup

gfci hookup

wiring up a hot tub gfci. . Terminals allow for easy wiring options - back and side wire capable. Gfci is damaged and cannot respond to a ground fault. Looking at the bottom of the gfci, the incoming neutral wire attaches to the white terminal under the black connection so the outgoing neutral wire attaches to the other white terminal under the load out red which runs to the neutral terminal on the circuit. Even factory new spas benefit from a run-through cleansing with Ahh-Some since factory test water is also not always the cleanest. The gfci is a safety device that can disconnect the power completely if a fault is detected. There is no warranty for the accuracy of this material and it is best to hire a licensed electrician to install the wiring. . Cables within 22 1/2 feet from the top of the water level of the filled spa. It contains a ground and a neutral since many spas have 110v components built in to them that require a neutral wire.

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Hot Tub Outpost is not liable for any damage or injury that may result. California residents: see, proposition 65 information. Patented lockout action prevents reset. Note that the test buttons on the gfci can also function as a required shutoff. Whether 50A or 60A is required depends on the number of pumps and size of heater in the spa. Homeline circuit breakers are built with the same Square D brand quality you have come to expect at a price that makes them the best value in their class. . See more info on maintaining a hot tub. The gfci will not work without this connection of incoming service neutral to back of gfci. . (1) Flexible Conduit Liquidtight flexible metal conduit or liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit shall be permitted in lengths of not more than.8 m (6 ft).

Be sure that the gfci should corresponds to the house breaker, so for instance a 60A gfci should be paired with a 60A house breaker. . Improved immunity to high-frequency noise reduces nuisance tripping. Some are tempted to install the gfci in the breaker box, but it is best to have the gfci and shutoff near the spa and per code. The white neutral wire from the back of the gfci should be connected to the incoming service neutral wire, not the ground bus bar. . If you purchased a used spa, please see Ahh-Some as a treatment for getting rid of hidden biofilms and other contaminants in the plumbing lines. . The 50A or 60A circuit breaker is installed into the main panel (with power off - care is taken since the actual feed wires from the power company are still live even if the panel is off). The gfci panel is available at the best price from Hot Tub Outpost. Never connect a 4-wire hot tub to 3-wire service. .