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Ammeter hookup

ammeter hookup

model of meter you own for details on measuring current. Students often get confused when connecting an ammeter to a breadboard circuit. If this is done, a surge in current will result, potentially damaging the meter: Ammeters are generally protected from excessive current by means of a small fuse located inside the meter housing. Experiment Results, building the same circuit on a terminal strip should also yield similar results: The current figure.70 milliamps (24.70 mA) shown in the illustrations is an arbitrary quantity, reasonable for a small incandescent lamp. On a meter where the same test lead jacks are used for both resistance and current measurement, simply leave the test lead plugs where they are and touch the two probes together. Leave the other end of this wire hanging in mid-air. Experiment Instructions, current is the measure of the rate of electron flow in a circuit. Some digital meters, like the unit shown in the illustration, have a separate jack to insert the red test lead plug when measuring current.

How to Connect an Ammeter Sciencing

ammeter hookup

Check the condition of your meters fuse as described previously in this section and replace the fuse if necessary. Finally connect the other end of the resistor to the negative terminal of the power supply. In 2011, "Dodge Ram" was rebranded as "Ram". If your full-scale number was.5, and your range multiplier was set to milliamperes, the maximum current you could measure with your ammeter would.5 milliamperes,.0015 amperes, since dividing milliamperes by 1,000 gives the current in terms of milliamperes. Because measuring current in this manner requires the meter be made part of the circuit, it is a more difficult type of measurement to make than either voltage or resistance. If your lamp refuses to light when the meter is connected in the circuit, and the meter registers zero current, youve probably blown the fuse inside the meter. Things Needed, ammeter, owners manual, resistor. Selection of proper meter range, ammeter Schematic Diagram, ammeter Illustration. If it is a DC power supply, set the ammeter.